Tips for Buying the Perfect Softball Cleats

Tips for Buying the Perfect Softball Cleats

Believe it or not, a major part of your performance on the softball field lies solely on your cleats. If you cleats are not comfortable and do not offer proper support and traction you could end up getting strained ankles, blisters or muscle cramps that can no only hinder your performance in a live game but also keep you out of the training and play folly with your fitness. This is why you need to take the greatest care while selecting a pair of cleats. If you are wondering what points you need to bear in mind which buying your set of softball cleats then these pointers will help you get started.

1.) The first point you need to understand before buying your cleats is the different between a soccer and softball cleat. A softball cleat as opposed to a soccer cleat comes with a stud in the middle of the toe area that helps to dig in when making a dash around the bases or a sprint to a fly ball. So look out for that.

2.) The 2nd most important factor is the traction. Traction is important because softball is usually played on rough infields and shoddy outfields unless you are a professional player. Some shoes like for instance, under armour shoes are designed keeping this particular factor in mind.

3.)Were you planning to buy metal cleats? Think again! Softball cleats are made of rubber or synthetic materials. If you are not playing in a desert, you are going to want the shoe itself to be made of material that is water resistant. You also want some breathability. This holds especially true if you are playing in the sizzling summer heat, because not only is perspiration uncomfortable, but it can also damage the shoe.

4.) As with every other shoe it is very important that your softball cleats are extremely comfortable to wear. So check the insides and ensure there is enough padding. The cushioning inside the cleat can reduce the impact of a foot pounding on a hard field which can cause pain in the feet, ankles, knees, and legs. Not only does proper cushioning help maintain a body in motion, it also helps maintain a body at rest. Unless you have an awful pitcher on the mound, fielders stand still for most of the game, all the more reason to wear comfortable shoes.

5.)Check the cleats for Ankle Support.Support is important to foot and ankle health. Poorly aligned cleats will feel funny when you walk – you may feel imbalanced and wobbly. While it certainly feels different to walk with any cleats, a well-made softball shoe won't feel like you are going to fall over with each step. Properly aligned cleats are vital to ankle health by reducing the chance of turned ankles.

6.) Your cleats should be strong, but at the same time they need to be flexible. A fielder has to be able to move forward, backwards, left, right, and up, and footwear is key to that movement. Well-designed cleats, like Under Armour cleats, have flexible soles that allow movement in all directions. Flexibility is crucial for catchers, especially fastpitch catchers who have to respond to quick pitch speeds with various degrees of spin and movement.

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